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PayPal to lay off 2000 employees to cut costs

2nd February 2023 | Amelia Isaacs

Revolut plans 1700-person hiring spree

1st February 2023 | Daniel Lanyon

Tech Nation loses UK government grant to Barclays

23rd January 2023 | Oliver Smith

All the fintechs that turned profitable in 2022

19th January 2023 | Amelia Isaacs

What’s holding up Revolut’s accounts?

13th January 2023 | Daniel Lanyon

Fintech’s biggest hires and departures of 2022

3rd January 2023 | Amelia Isaacs

Which fintechs might IPO in 2023?

3rd January 2023 | Oliver Smith

AltFi’s 10 most-read stories of 2022: Part 2

29th December 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

AltFi’s 10 most-read stories of 2022: Part 1

28th December 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Starling Bank joins the fintech savings arms race

16th December 2022 | Daniel Lanyon knocks down internal valuation to $11bn

14th December 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Euro Vaults now live for Revolut’s UK customers

8th December 2022 | Oliver Smith

Allica Bank raises £100m Series C

5th December 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Fintech is slowly becoming profitable

29th November 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

‘Silver Savers’ boost Revolut’s coffers

24th November 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Starling Bank introduces crypto transaction ban

23rd November 2022 | Oliver Smith

Revolut races past 25m retail customers

17th November 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Ex-Tink employees raise €5m seed for startup Atlar

8th November 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Revolut wants to sell you your next mortgage

8th November 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

It’s time to start paying with crypto on Revolut

31st October 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Is Goldman’s fintech gamble over?

21st October 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

The next chapter for neobanks: Money in motion

11th October 2022 | Tom Merry

Fintechs champion Tech Nation, as faces uncertain future

27th September 2022 | John Reynolds

Revolut falls victim to cyberattack 

21st September 2022 | Will McCurdy

Revolut launches Pay Later in Ireland

21st September 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Fintech leaders give verdict on new PM Liz Truss

6th September 2022 | John Reynolds

Revolut cuts crypto fees (sort of)

2nd September 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Lloyds picks up AJ Bell as an Open Banking client 

25th August 2022 | Will McCurdy

Bitstamp to offer 0% trading fees

18th August 2022 | Stephan Roth

Meet the UK’s 26 fintech unicorns

15th August 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Hold on to your deposits

15th August 2022 | Ralph Rogge

The fintech startups Apple should buy next

5th August 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Freetrade ‘postpones’ securities lending plan

29th July 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Atlantic Money goes live after $3m seed top up

22nd July 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Funding Circle appoints new VP of engineering

20th July 2022 | Will McCurdy

Are we ignoring a growing digital divide?

12th July 2022 | Duncan Cockburn

Revolut appoints chief banking officer as US CEO

30th June 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Ophelos raises £5m for AI-based debt resolution

30th June 2022 | Will McCurdy

New money transfer challenger secures EU licence

28th June 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Bitpanda latest crypto firm to slash jobs

28th June 2022 | John Reynolds

Kroo lands full banking licence

27th June 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Revolut joins the BNPL wave

24th June 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Here come the fintech consolidators

22nd June 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut cuts free trades for Metal customers

17th June 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Uncapped acquires specialist gaming lender Sugar

16th June 2022 | Will McCurdy

FCA to force banks to assess impact of closures

16th June 2022 | Will McCurdy

Modulr raises $108m in Series C funding

18th May 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Revolut hires new Brazil CEO for LatAm push

29th March 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut beefs up US leadership team

29th March 2022 | John Reynolds

Revolut launches as a bank in Ireland

25th March 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Zilch doubles customers to 2 million in six months

18th March 2022 | John Reynolds

Fintech firm Curve launches in the US

11th March 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Lightyear nabs European license

8th March 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut waives transfer fees for Ukrainian banks

28th February 2022 | Oliver Smith

The European fintechs that Coatue is banking on

28th February 2022 | Liza Tetley

Revolut beefs up Aussie offering with Revolut Trading

25th February 2022 | John Reynolds

Tide’s UK CEO departs

23rd February 2022 | Oliver Smith

Revolut hires new CRO to scale in the Americas

18th February 2022 | Liza Tetley

Revolut ramps up offensive in Australia and India

15th February 2022 | John Reynolds

Railsbank eyes unicorn status as looks to raise $100m

8th February 2022 | John Reynolds

Lightyear expands into social investing

8th February 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Here are Tiger Global's 10 top fintech investments

8th February 2022 | John Reynolds

Neobank Bunq launches investments

4th February 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Fur-real? Revolut moves into pet insurance

2nd February 2022 | John Reynolds

Meet Europe's fintech decacorns

1st February 2022 | John Reynolds

The great British crypto clampdown

19th January 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

2021 in quotes: Part 2

14th January 2022 | John Reynolds

2021 in quotes: Part 1

10th January 2022 | John Reynolds

Which fintechs might go public in 2022?

4th January 2022 | John Reynolds

2021 in Fintech and Alternative Finance: Part 2

30th December 2021 | John Reynolds

2021 in Fintech and Alternative Finance: Part 1

29th December 2021 | John Reynolds

AltFi’s 10 most-read stories of 2021: Part 2

23rd December 2021 | Oliver Smith

AltFi’s 10 most-read stories of 2021: Part 1

22nd December 2021 | Oliver Smith

Wombat reaches 200,000 users in time for Christmas

21st December 2021 | Oliver Smith

Fintech’s biggest hires and departures of 2021

20th December 2021 | John Reynolds

Revolut snaps up hospitality tech provider Nobly

29th November 2021 | John Reynolds

Super apps require super security measures

24th November 2021 | Natalia Karbowska-Niedbala

Anne Boden: Starling can overtake Barclays in 5 years

16th November 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Draper Esprit reveals new name

9th November 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Fibr, a new European digital SME bank, breaks cover

22nd October 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Harry and Meghan land new jobs in fintech

13th October 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Fintech unicorn ‘herd’ swells its ranks

12th October 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

The data culture: all talk, no action

11th October 2021 | Joanna Dziergas

Fresh Features: PayPal’s crypto trading

28th September 2021 | Aisling Finn

Open Banking: Action required to avoid UK falling behind

27th September 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Freetrade poaches new CFO from Revolut

20th September 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Nubank eyeing up $55bn valuation in upcoming IPO

26th August 2021 | Aisling Finn

Behind the Buzzword: What is fintech?

16th August 2021 | Aisling Finn

Schroders fund invests $14m in Revolut

11th August 2021 | Aisling Finn

New neo bank Kroo raises £17.7m series A

10th August 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut unlocks interest for its standard users

23rd July 2021 | Aisling Finn

Visa to acquire Currencycloud for £700m

22nd July 2021 | Aisling Finn

Points win prizes for Revolut customers

1st July 2021 | Aisling Finn

Much wow: You can now buy Dogecoin on Revolut

8th June 2021 | Aisling Finn

How to improve fintech's gender problem

7th June 2021 | Selin Bucak

Lanistar secures comeback with Modulr deal

5th May 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut’s ‘super app’ gets an update

29th April 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Bitpanda launches fractional share trading

22nd April 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Newly minted unicorn Mollie adds new chair from UBS

20th April 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Why Atom Bank’s valuation is set to half

12th March 2021 | Oliver Smith

Is Revolut sitting on a £1bn crypto pile?

11th March 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Klarna said to be raising $1bn at $31bn valuation

24th February 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut hikes stock trading fees, cuts free trades

18th February 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Barclays launches digital receipts with Flux

5th February 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Fintech regulation to watch out for in 2021

25th January 2021 | Aisling Finn

3 trends for challenger and neobanks in 2021

22nd January 2021 | Marcel Van Oost

Plaid and Visa pull the plug on $5.3bn takeover deal

13th January 2021 | Aisling Finn

Revolut submits application for UK banking licence

11th January 2021 | Aisling Finn

AltFi’s most-read stories of 2020: Part 2

6th January 2021 | Aisling Finn

Where VCs are investing in 2021

6th January 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

The fintechs that went out of business in 2020

5th January 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Fintech’s biggest hires and departures of 2020

5th January 2021 | Aisling Finn

AltFi’s most-read stories of 2020: Part 1

4th January 2021 | Aisling Finn

2020 in quotes: Part 2

31st December 2020 | Aisling Finn

2020 in Fintech and Alternative Finance: Part 1

29th December 2020 | Oliver Smith

The AltFi team’s Digital Wealth predictions for 2021

22nd December 2020 | Oliver Smith to power The Hut Group’s many checkouts

17th December 2020 | Aisling Finn

Open Banking: The firms battling to win in 2021

14th December 2020 | Oliver Smith

Digital banks are more popular with men 

9th December 2020 | Aisling Finn

MoneySuperMarket reportedly snooping around Snoop

7th December 2020 | Aisling Finn

Revolut launches early salary feature

2nd December 2020 | Aisling Finn

No iphone? Revolut launches web app

1st December 2020 | Daniel Lanyon

Questions over Lanistar’s £150m valuation

27th November 2020 | Aisling Finn

Revolut is giving away Bitcoin for Black Friday

26th November 2020 | Aisling Finn

An Post launches Apple Pay for current accounts

6th November 2020 | Aisling Finn

Monzo vs Revolut: The battle for premium subscribers

26th October 2020 | Aisling Finn

Paynetics buys slice of Wirecard UK and Ireland

12th October 2020 | Aisling Finn

Revolut launches premium metal card for businesses

5th October 2020 | John Reynolds

What investors are looking for in the next fintech

28th September 2020 | Shaun Puckrin

Remote working fintech Deel bags $30m Series B

10th September 2020 | Aisling Finn

Chip CEO: We want to be the next fintech unicorn

7th September 2020 | Daniel Lanyon

Under lockdown open banking payments surged 800%

25th August 2020 | Aisling Finn

Revolut launches Open Banking in Italy

4th August 2020 | Daniel Lanyon

Monzo Plus Preview: What’s it really like?

20th July 2020 | Aisling Finn

AltFi’s most read stories of 2020 (so far)

2nd July 2020 | Aisling Finn

Codat raises $10m, sets sights on US expansion

12th June 2020 | Aisling Finn

Fintech's new era didn't begin with COVID-19

3rd June 2020 | Daniel Lanyon

Curve rolls out premium metal card in Europe

20th May 2020 | Aisling Finn

1 in 4 Irish adults have a Revolut card

13th May 2020 | Aisling Finn

N26 cuts 10 per cent of its New York team

12th May 2020 | Aisling Finn

Eight executives exit Revolut during lockdown

29th April 2020 | Aisling Finn

Will coronavirus turn big banks towards fintech?

13th April 2020 | Aisling Finn

Monese Review - April 2020

8th April 2020 | Oliver Smith

Ben Brabyn steps down as head of Level39

1st April 2020 | Oliver Smith

Savings app Chip gets FCA authorisation

25th March 2020 | Aisling Finn

Revolut officially launches in the US

24th March 2020 | Aisling Finn

Revolut hires new US CEO ahead of launch

16th March 2020 | Aisling Finn

TrueLayer and Stake announce API integration

11th March 2020 | Aisling Finn

It's time for a 10x UK sovereign wealth fund

10th March 2020 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut's rocky road to a record raise

25th February 2020 | Oliver Smith

JP Morgan to launch UK digital bank under Chase brand

24th February 2020 | Oliver Smith

The N26 diaries: My week as an N26 customer

13th February 2020 | Aisling Finn

Revolut CEO: Fintech is “just getting started”

4th February 2020 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut launches savings product for premium users

23rd January 2020 | Daniel Lanyon

Stake opens UK beta ahead of full launch in February

16th January 2020 | Oliver Smith

Fintech trends to look out for in 2020

9th January 2020 | Daniel Lanyon

Fintechs move into the marketing mainstream in 2019

7th January 2020 | John Reynolds

Creating the next big thing in savings

6th January 2020 | Amy Gavin

The year in quotes: 2019

3rd January 2020 | Oliver Smith

British invasion: The UK fintechs taking on the US

2nd January 2020 | Daniel Lanyon

The fintechs that had a stellar 2019: Revolut

31st December 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

AltFi’s 10 most read stories of 2019: Part 2

31st December 2019 | John Reynolds

AltFi's 10 most read stories of 2019: Part 1

30th December 2019 | John Reynolds

2019 In Fintech And Alternative Finance: Part 2

24th December 2019 | Oliver Smith

2019 In Fintech And Alternative Finance: Part 1

23rd December 2019 | Oliver Smith

Revolut makes pensions push

6th December 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

Monzo appoints first US CEO

3rd December 2019 | John Reynolds

Yolt integrates with Revolut

21st November 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

City grandee Martin Gilbert new chairman of Revolut

13th November 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

Tandem starts global expansion with Hong Kong launch

8th November 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

5 things not to miss at the AltFi Berlin Summit

6th November 2019 | Oliver Smith

Starling Bank launches two-in-one Euro debit card

30th October 2019 | Oliver Smith

Revolut lands in Asia with Singapore launch

24th October 2019 | Oliver Smith

When fintech met crowdfunding

21st October 2019 | Luke Lang

DriveWealth enables Nigerian trading platform Chaka

17th October 2019 | Oliver Smith

Revolut chases new growth through £12 cash referrals

15th October 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut looks to raise £1.2bn from investors

14th October 2019 | John Reynolds

Revolut hires banking heavyweights as new country CEOs

19th September 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

Scottish fintech Paysend hits one million customers

2nd September 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut plans to hire 400 staff in Portugal

2nd September 2019 | Roger Baird

MoneyBox Review - September 2019

2nd September 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut hires financial crime boss

23rd August 2019 | Roger Baird

Open Banking – predictably unpredictable disruption?

19th August 2019 | Francesco Simoneschi

Curve prepares Crowdcube fundraising

16th August 2019 | Roger Baird

Robinhood given green light by UK regulator

8th August 2019 | Oliver Smith

Starling adds Growth Street to marketplace

8th August 2019 | Roger Baird

The future of fintech hinges on cyber security

31st July 2019 | Andrew Roughan

What went wrong at Atom Bank?

25th July 2019 | Roger Baird

Revolut Review - July 2019

25th July 2019 |

N26 launches in the US

12th July 2019 | Roger Baird

Revolut hires TSB veteran as operations head

3rd July 2019 | Roger Baird

Monese Review - June 2019

20th June 2019 | Oliver Smith

Revolut launches operations in Australia

13th June 2019 | Roger Baird

Revolut launches Apple Pay

11th June 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

The year of trust at Money20/20

10th June 2019 | Ben Brabyn

Revolut tops customer complaints to ombudsman

29th May 2019 | Roger Baird

Revolut launches Group Vault saving accounts

23rd May 2019 | Roger Baird

Monzo Review - May 2019

21st May 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

Monzo hires ahead of US launch

8th May 2019 | Roger Baird

Fintech Tips: Best digital bank for business

24th April 2019 | Roger Baird

The Challenger: Coconut’s Sam O’Connor

18th April 2019 | Oliver Smith

Starling Bank Review - April 2019

12th April 2019 | Oliver Smith

The Challenger: Dozens’ Aritra Chakravarty

10th April 2019 | Oliver Smith

Onfido lands $50m round led by Softbank

3rd April 2019 | Roger Baird

Fintechs dominate Future Fifty start-up stars

27th March 2019 | Roger Baird

Here’s how UK fintech responded to Apple Card

26th March 2019 | Oliver Smith

eToro plans free share trading

20th March 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

The Challenger: Freetrade’s Adam Dodds

14th March 2019 | Oliver Smith

Just 14% of people manage their money with apps

11th March 2019 | Roger Baird

What next after Revolut’s week from hell?

4th March 2019 | Oliver Smith

OakNorth lines up payments tie-up with ClearBank

25th February 2019 | Roger Baird

Revolut team ups with WeWork

6th February 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

Curve joins fintech rush for premium credit cards

5th February 2019 | Roger Baird

A year in fintech & alternative finance: part 2

14th January 2019 | Roger Baird

A year in fintech & alternative finance: part 1

11th January 2019 | Roger Baird

AltFi’s most-read stories from 2018

7th January 2019 | Roger Baird

Challenger banks flexed their muscles in 2018

7th January 2019 | Roger Baird

Monzo and The Times clash over 'loans for shares'

30th November 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Revolut prepping for Asia push

29th November 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

Savings app Chip raises £4m in crowdfunding record

26th November 2018 | George Geddes

Monzo plans £20m crowdfunding raise

26th November 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Monzo to enter business banking with RBS fund bid

22nd November 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Lending Works appointments new board members

14th November 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

Monzo to start paying interest on savings

1st November 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Monzo enters unicorn stable with £85m fundraise

31st October 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Monese launches UK business accounts

18th October 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Overheard at WIRED Smarter

12th October 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Starling adds mobile phone cover to marketplace

9th October 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Neo-bank N26 launches in the UK

4th October 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Revolut boosted revenues but lost more money in 2017

24th September 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Business banking fintech scoops £2.3m fundraise

3rd September 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Goldman soft launches retail bank in UK

23rd August 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Monese launches premium product

21st August 2018 | Ryan Weeks

N26 launches savings spaces

7th August 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Monese hits half a million customers

24th July 2018 | Ryan Weeks

The digital bank chasing down Starling and Monzo

17th July 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

Lending Works scoops £2.8m fundraise

12th July 2018 | Ryan Weeks

‘Get Shit Done’: the Revolut way

9th July 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Challenger banks raise record capital in Q1

29th June 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut’s business marketplace goes live

21st June 2018 | Ryan Weeks

The race for crypto integration

19th June 2018 | Jo Howes

Starling boss Anne Boden gets gong

11th June 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Tandem hits 100,000 customers

29th May 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Revolut launches new crypto partners

24th May 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Robinhood scores $363m Series D

10th May 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Fintech funding hits $127bn

2nd May 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

TransferWise founder invests in chatbot Cleo

1st May 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Tech trends in start-up investing

26th April 2018 | Saul Gindill

Lending Works passes £100m lending milestone

18th April 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Metro Bank releases AI personal finance tool

17th April 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Revolut launches spare change Vaults

17th April 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Revolut’s Open API is open for business

3rd April 2018 | Emily Nicolle

FCA confirms EU passporting rules until end of 2020

29th March 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Starling Bank launches business accounts

29th March 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Revolut launches disposable virtual cards

22nd March 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Get ready for UK fintech’s Big IPO Year

15th March 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

Atom Bank lands another £149m

7th March 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Virgin Money reveals digital bank build

27th February 2018 | Ryan Weeks

The balancing act in digital bank lending

21st February 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Revolut to add Ripple to cryptocurrency offering

16th February 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Seedrs releases data on its secondary market

13th February 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Starling Bank breathes life into marketplace

13th February 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Revolut unlocks its crypto vault

31st January 2018 | Emily Nicolle

A Crypto Odyssey

25th January 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Revolut launches travel insurance product

17th January 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Debt tracker app Emma receives FCA approval

15th January 2018 | Emily Nicolle

AltFi Awards winners announced

10th January 2018 | AltFi

Spotcap lead shares 2018 predictions

29th December 2017 | Ryan Weeks

2017: The year of digital banking. What's next?

28th December 2017 | Emily Nicolle

Seedrs: A 2017 crowdfunding retrospective

26th December 2017 | Emily Nicolle

Digital banking app Loot secures £2.2m fundraise

15th December 2017 | Ryan Weeks

Digital wealth manager launches Christmas giveaway

29th November 2017 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut announces expansion into cryptocurrency

29th November 2017 | Emily Nicolle

Nutmeg and Revolut investor launches new European fund

27th November 2017 | Emily Nicolle

Revolut signs up 1m users, plots US/Asia launch

24th November 2017 | Daniel Lanyon

Revolut applies for European banking licence

8th November 2017 | Ryan Weeks

Challenger bank Monzo unveils marketplace vision

27th October 2017 | Emily Nicolle

Transferwise drops fees for UK customers

23rd October 2017 | Emily Nicolle

Defining excellence in digital banking

20th October 2017 | Ryan Weeks

Monzo announces new foreign ATM fees

17th October 2017 | Emily Nicolle

Currency exchange fintech expands into credit

27th September 2017 | Ryan Weeks

Banking challenger Revolut moves into insurance

27th September 2017 | Ryan Weeks

Against the odds, businesses are embracing fintech

25th September 2017 | Daniel Lanyon

Monzo puts fees to customer vote

13th September 2017 | Harry Holmes

Starling Bank launches fintech marketplace

12th September 2017 | Harry Holmes

Starling Bank adds Android Pay

6th September 2017 | Ryan Weeks

ETFmatic app downloaded 100,000 times

31st August 2017 | Moriah Costa

The latest craze in fintech: layered banking

25th July 2017 | Ryan Weeks

Monzo launches current accounts

19th July 2017 | Moriah Costa

CB Insights publishes fintech list

29th June 2017 | David Tuckwell

What young people want from fintech

11th May 2017 | Ryan Weeks

Digital banking arms race continues

10th May 2017 | Ryan Weeks

Pariti adds second online lending partner

26th April 2017 | Ryan Weeks

What does the perfect bank look like?

24th March 2017 | Ryan Weeks

P2P lending news roundup 15/03/17

15th March 2017 | Daniel Lanyon

Marketplace lending news roundup 14/03/17

14th March 2017 | Daniel Lanyon

Moneyfarm hires ex-Facebook advisor

23rd February 2017 | Moriah Costa

Crowdcube Targets IPO Space, Raises £6m

30th July 2015 | Ryan Weeks