Rosecut is a financial planning partner and investment manager that gives access to the knowledge needed to plan for the future. Until now, there’s been nowhere for people to go for help to structure their personal finances. Private banking only serves the wealthiest people and the newer technology products don’t give people the advice they need before they can decide how best to invest their money. Rosecut helps its clients create and personalise their financial planning and takes ongoing responsibility by helping them grow their money, too. The Rosecut team is composed of highly experienced wealth advisors from private banks such as Coutts, Barclays and Credit Suisse, and serial tech entrepreneurs and AI experts. Rosecut brings a powerful combination of financial and tech expertise to successful professionals who want to achieve their life goals. Soon, their smart algorithms will be able to pre-empt their clients’ needs and partner them with vetted consultants to help them even further with their wealth needs. Rosecut is shaking up a stale and opaque industry and with Rosecut, you can control your financial future and live the life you want.

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