Zumo is a decentralised finance platform with the mission of bringing the benefits of blockchain technology and digital currencies to people and businesses everywhere.

Zumo App, its direct-to-consumer mobile application, allows individuals to exchange, store, send and spend cryptocurrency alongside their ordinary money. ZumoKit, its B2B crypto-as-a-service platform, allows fintechs and financial institutions to rapidly go to market and offer their customers the capability to securely hold, buy and sell digital currencies. Through its technology, Zumo provides a secure, yet simple way to engage with a new, digital and decentralised economy.

Founded in Edinburgh in 2017 by entrepreneurs Nick Jones and Paul Roach, Zumo is a purpose-driven fintech business with transparency, accessibility and financial inclusion at its core. Its staff are based in locations across Scotland, London and Slovenia. It is partner to WasteAid; member of CryptoUK; signatory of the Crypto Climate Accord; and supporter of the UN Global Compact.

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