AltFi Digital Summit 2020

Thursday 14 May 2020

AltFi is launching its first all-digital Summit, to explore the lasting impact of coronavirus.

This May AltFi is bringing together 10 leading CEOs from the European fintech sector across two afternoons of discussions at the AltFi Digital Summit 2020.

With the world turned upside down by coronavirus, we’re starting to see the next chapter of fintech begin.

  • An ecosystem poised for a wave of consolidation through acquisitions, mergers and investments.
  • The playing field of digital finance levelled by an unexpected recession triggered by Covid-19.
  • A growing partnership between big business and finance, as corporations from Apple to Amazon stretch into fintech.

It’s also a time for entrepreneurs to do what they do best, learn and adapt.

With new problems come new solutions, and today’s fintechs are moving swiftly to adapt to a world without travel spending, high street shopping or restaurant dining (for now anyway).

And, despite all these short-term changes, fintech is still taking over the world.

But when the dust settles at the end of summer, which startups will find themselves on top? What financial technologies will reign supreme? And who will the new breakout leaders of digital banking and SME lending be?

Join us and our leading fintech CEOs to find out, with AltFi’s free two-day Digital Summit 2020 on the afternoons of 14 and 15 May.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Welcome to Day 1 & Networking - 14 May

Welcome to Day 2 & Networking - 15 May

In conversation with Richard Davies, CEO Banking Revolut

In conversation with Romi Savova, CEO PensionBee - 15 May

In conversation with Adam Dodds, CEO Freetrade - 14 May

In conversation with Anne Boden, CEO Starling Bank - 15 May

In conversation with Charles Delingpole , CEO ComplyAdvantage - 14 May

In conversation with John Davies, Executive Chairman Just Cashflow - 15 May

In conversation with Charlotte Crosswell, Innovate Finance CEO - 14 May

In conversation with Ali Niknam, CEO Bunq - 15 May

In conversation with Neil Alexander - 14 May

In conversation with Zach Perret, CEO Plaid - 15 May

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