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Effective lending starts with accurate data

Accurate and up-to-date data is key to helping lenders know their customers,
detect financial crime, and make the right lending decisions.


In the volatile and rapidly-changing environment we now find ourselves in,
mitigating financial crime activity is more important than ever before.

Transforming Financial
Crime Prevention

Across the UK, banks are undertaking financial crime transformation programmes that continuously and strategically monitor their commercial portfolios using event-driven reviews. By introducing this approach, banks and lenders can actively manage financial crime risk and more successfully combat money laundering.

This can be an enormous undertaking, but Experian can build the data foundations in just 6 weeks, enabling our clients to realise the benefit within months of project commencement. In this paper we detail our 7 step approach to supporting clients with event-driven reviews.

The MO of an ML

Money launderers are exploiting frailties in the system to wash billions of pounds worth of illicit transactions through the UK economy each year. But there’s a number of ways we can spot these suspicious organisations.

Using our bureau data, Experian has profiled the typical characteristics of a money-launderer. Individually, these markers may not raise suspicion and may go undetected by the lender. When applied holistically using Experian data, the multiple red flags offer previously unavailable context, indicating serious cause for concern and likely money-laundering.

The power of accurate data

Experian's Commercial Credit Bureau is a market-leading source
of information on British businesses and their financial health.

Accurate data powers industry insights

Using data compiled from our Commercial Bureau, Experian has assessed how well UK SMEs are paying back BBLS loans, against the backdrop of continuous tough economic conditions.

Download our latest insight paper to understand the evolving risk scores of UK SMEs with BBLS loans, and how this trends across different sectors.


Just under 30% of all UK
businesses took out a BBLS loan.

77% of BBLS loan holders are
repaying to schedule

Half of BBLS loan value is with
businesses with Commercial Delphi score
of Above Average Risk or worse

£1.2 billion of open BBL balances would be
expected to default very soon.

The accuracy and availability of our bureau data is critical. We use this data to help you make the right credit decisions, and to conduct and share insight and analysis to inform and optimise your credit strategy.

Experian's bureau data sits at the heart of Commercial Delphi, our commercial risk score which calculates a business' ability to pay. Commercial Delphi is the only risk score in market to use a business' current account turnover data to calculate a business' credit worthiness.

Commercial Credit Agreements

Commercial Current Accounts

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Personal Credit Agreements


Accurate risk scores
powered by Commercial Delphi

Watch our video to see exactly what’s new in Commercial Delphi Gen 6 and how it can help lenders like yourself.

Bad Debt Savings Calculator

Commercial Delphi Gen 6 is our most accurate risk score yet, helping lenders to reduce the level of bad debt within their portfolio.

Use our bad debt savings calculator to find out just how much your business could save with Commercial Delphi Gen 6.


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Identity Resolution

Gain Transparency, Confidence and Control of matching.
Resolve consumer and commercial entities dependably.

Data management
for identity resolution

Identity Resolution is a data management process that checks, validates and appends information across devices and digital footprints using a unique matching process to create a single, data-rich profile for a person or business.

It resolves customer data duplications and inconsistencies using both data management techniques and trusted reference data in tandem.

Be confident in your data
with Identity Resolution

The digitisation of the customer experience, and its inherent implications for fraud and security breaches, is leading to organisations taking a fresh look at what they mean by ‘customer.’ Identity Resolution is the key to knowing who your customers are in a way that is fuller and more holistic than previous approaches.