Garth Stanish

Financial Markets Authority

Director of Capital Markets

Garth leads our Capital Markets team, which is responsible for overseeing licensed product markets, secondary market conduct, crowd funding/peer to peer lending and auditors. Prior to joining the FMA, Garth had extensive dispute resolution experience at Simpson Grierson and Crown Law, representing the Crown to Privy Council level. He was then the head of issuer regulation and an Acting Head of Regulation at NZX.

Event Sessions Featuring Garth Stanish

  • The panel discussed the differences in fintech across the Tasman. They mostly agreed that the NZ government is taking proactive and helpful steps for fintech.

  • Neil Roberts said he found the application process to be robust was constantly talk to the government. He noted that unlike in Australia, negative bureau reporting in NZ has been around for a while.

  • For Heussler, the main difference between the two countries is that the NZ market is parochial. “We have a sales team in Auckland and the Kiwis don’t like hearing that the service team is in Australia.”

  • Stanish added that NZ has very simple and clear legislation. You should be doing the right thing regardless of the regulation.

Articles Featuring Garth Stanish

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