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Jane Warren has been with Investec for over twenty years, helping to drive Investec Wealth & Investment's digital innovation strategy forward. Most recently as CEO of Investec Click & Invest. Jane is a firm believer that innovations within financial services are shaped by user experiences in other sectors. As innovation can be stilted by regulation within finance, it’s the retail industry that Jane has often looked to whilst on her journey to building the Click & Invest business. Jane believes good service is the secret to success for any brand, as this creates trust and loyalty. In addition, Jane is also a Board Director at Investec Wealth & Investment, one of the UK’s leading private client wealth management firms.

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Removing the barriers to investment management and launching an online service within an organisation

The Digital Wealth Forum - Tuesday 2 October 2018

Jane praises how successful Investec's Click & Invest ad campaign was earlier this year, however, can't afford to compete with the likes of Schroders who are battling to be "front and center".

Eventhough the industry would have prefered if the robo arm from UBS had not shut down, Investec has still got a growing and broad customer base after starting one year ago. 

People invest approximately 50/50 in cash ISAs and stocks & shares ISAs for which Jane believes it would be much more beneficial if more investments were put in to stocks and shares ISAs as “the money would be working harder”.

Jane is uncertain that the big tech companies like Google or Amazon would expand in to the robo industry due to "there being a lot of regulation sitting around this space so it's doubtful they would see it worthwhile".

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