Nichole Mustard

Credit Karma

Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder

As a co-founder of Credit Karma and Chief Revenue Officer, Nichole Mustard has been the architect of the company’s win-win-win business model. Credit Karma provides its members with personalized recommendations for credit cards and loans, while reducing marketing inefficiency for banks. With Nichole’s help, Credit Karma has been able to scale at pace while furthering its founding mission to help people take control of their financial lives. Nichole oversees Credit Karma’s business development team, finding the right mix of financial partners and optimizing data science and business intelligence capabilities to make sure that partners and members alike get the most value from the product. She oversees a team that stresses humility and relationship building in business, making sure Credit Karma’s innovation isn’t the only thing setting the company apart. Prior to joining Credit Karma, Nichole spent five years as Financial Service Sales Director at Compete, growing the company’s national profile.

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Fireside Chat

A female founder on building a unicorn

AltFi Toronto Summit 2018 - Wednesday 5 December 2018

  • Mustard says Klarna is moving towards “autonomous finance” where companies can find you better offers for financial products with less hassle.

  • Consumers, she adds, are more mobile than they have ever been before but credit data is not mobile between countries.

  • She said her own experiences and being a female founder helps to bring diversity to Klarna’s views and experiences but the firm also makes a big effort to sit down with people to understand how everyday folk manage their money.

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