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Partner, Head of Financial Services

Nick leads Instinctif Partners’ Financial Services practice, providing corporate and financial communications advice to clients across a range of sectors including alternative finance, payments, insurance and wealth management.

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EIF spotlight: The case for supporting small businesses through online lending

London Summit 2018 - Monday 26 March 2018

  • Salvatore, who has invested on behalf of the EIF in Lendix, said the returns on offer are not the only important thing for the supranational entity but that the consistency of returns was equally important. He says, in the wake of Brexit, We the EIF is trying to increase exposure to us many EU countries as possible as well as neighbouring countries such as Turkey. “Brexit has created uncertainty but nothing has changed so far,” he added.
  • De Nonneville said that the benefits of the EIF fund as a source of capital are numerous.  He added that the Brexit vote has not yet really been much of a factor in de-railing demand for either loans or investment, but he said there is a apparel increase in demand for higher ticket size loans.

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