Phoebe Hugh


CEO and co-founder

Phoebe is co-founder and CEO of Brolly, the start-up that’s changing the way insurance works. Powered by AI, Brolly helps people understand what insurance they need, finds the best policies and then helps manage them simply and easily. Phoebe developed the idea for Brolly at Entrepreneur First. She was previously an underwriter and product manager at insurance company, Aviva.

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The psychology of saving and investing

London Summit 2018 - Monday 26 March 2018

  • Hugh said she sees consumers hugely overspending on insurance.
  • Ford said the psychology of saving is a hugely complex and difficult subject. The relationship between spending and saving and is being wrapped-up in “spending being the enemy of saving.” People also tend to say one thing and do another, he adds.
  • Savova, meanwhile, said one of the problems with ‘roundups’ – an increasingly popular method of saving for financial apps - is that it hard to save a meaningful amount and then when someone’s pot does become large people tend to withdraw it.
  • Scalable Capital’s CEO Miller adds that recent hype around cryptocurrencies won't cross over into the savings industries.

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