Renaud Laplanche


CEO and Co-founder

Renaud is the co-founder and CEO of Upgrade, Inc. a fintech company that offers affordable and responsible credit to mainstream consumers. Under his leadership, Upgrade has delivered over $7 billion in affordable consumer credit in just over 3 years, and launched a set of innovative credit cards that help consumers pay down their debt faster. 

Prior to Upgrade, Renaud founded and ran Lending Club for 10 years. He took the company public, reaching a market capitalization of $10 billion in December 2014.  At Lending Club, Renaud pioneered consumer fintech and grew the company to become the largest provider of personal loans in America.  

Renaud was ranked #23 in Bloomberg Markets’ 2015 Most Influential List, an annual ranking of the World’s top 50 most influential leaders across technology, finance, and politics. He was also recognized at the Clinton Global Initiative by President Clinton for expanding access to affordable and responsible credit. In 2014, he won the Economist Innovation Award in the consumer products category and was named the "best start-up CEO to work for" by Business Insider. Renaud was named “Fintech Executive of the Year” by Finovate in 2020. He also holds the Newport-Bermuda world speed sailing record.

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