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As founder and CEO Rezaah is responsible for driving the strategic growth of wiseAlpha and managing its operations day to day. Rezaah is an entrepreneur who started his career in the M&A and Leveraged finance teams at Deutsche Bank. He helped structure and execute numerous multi-billion debt financing and advisory transactions. He then worked at a multi-billion hedge fund investing in senior secured loans, high yield bonds, credit derivatives, equity and distressed debt. Rezaah has also been a board director and strategic advisor to TeleColumbus, a large cable television business in Germany. Rezaah studied Economics at the University of Cambridge and Management at the Judge Institute, University of Cambridge.

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New frontiers in digital wealth

The Digital Wealth Forum - Tuesday 2 October 2018

Rezaah announces the new "robo manager" WiseAlpha is rolling out in the coming weeks. The key features being that it displays what the customer's portfolio looks like and a tic-kbox option for customers to say what they don't want to invest in.

He also said that low interest rates drive investor's expectations. Additionally, fixed income and yield products will become more prominent in five-years.

"They don't care how easy the interface is, they only care about how much return they get."

WiseAlpha doesn't try to be detailed in "crazy analysis" but rather be thorough in going through the details of the stocks.

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