Rutherford Wilson


VP of Emerging Technology

Rutherford is a tech veteran, with a career spanning nearly three decades building innovative technology products. Having worked closely with risk and compliance software companies over the years, his expertise lies in identity verification solutions for AML/KYC compliance. At Trulioo, he leads the Emerging Technology team in building and transforming innovative solutions that enable companies to optimize their identity verification process, offering less friction, enhanced security, and a framework of trust that today’s consumer expects. 

He began his career developing products that helped solve complex business’ problems, such as modernization of old and inefficient legacy systems, development of analytic tools and web-based geographical solutions, to name a few. Prior to joining Trulioo, Rutherford served as Senior Product Manager for Global KYC at Amazon, where he led the production of financial applications within the seller’s space, and subsequently led the program that further developed into the entire KYC product set used by Amazon globally. Rutherford is dedicated to changing the face of the identity verification industry. He believes Trulioo is the frontrunner in delivering a global solution for verifying customers, making the process simpler, safer, and faster.

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