Sam Taussig


Head of Global Policy & Community Banking

Sam Taussig entered the alternative credit space in Zambia where he experienced how micro credit projects offered a sustainable path to entrepreneurship. Since 2007, Sam has promoted alternative credit across Africa, South America, Asia, the Caribbean and America with a variety of non-governmental organizations and the United Nations. Before coming to Kabbage, Sam worked in Indonesia supporting micro-economic development, “big data” and bilateral diplomacy. Sam is responsible for Kabbage’s interactions with state, federal and foreign governments and community development organizations. He covers issues ranging from traditional financial regulatory reform to artificial intelligence, privacy and corporate social responsibility. 

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  • Challenger banks might have the slick operational features that customers like, but they don't have the trust or origination that big banks can access. Zuck believes that while the cost of acquisition can be low for fintechs compared to incumbents, it's scalability that will prove the hardest to overcome for smaller players while they reach for profitability. Customer segmentation is going to prove key: as use cases and models appear of what customers need or require from their banks, platforms need to pay attention to how their relationship with their customers will progress.
  • If you look at where banks will go in the future, as you strip away core services, all that will be left is customer trust. Bringing in the ability to "farm out" other services like lending to partnerships is going to become the way forward, says Taussig. People don't use banks like they use Instagram, but they'll still feel the value in being able to access all their banking needs in one place.
  • There are areas where it is natural for banks to partner with fintechs for rapid reinvention, says Kerton. Esme is looking at product innovation just as much as tech innovation, but it's important to get the systems in place and then build the tech around it. Alba-Ochoa says that OakNorth, on the other hand, adapts to all its clients. From a lending point of view, OakNorth creates a new product for every new client it gets. Every second, something new is being tested.


The view from afar: Are the world's biggest fintechs eyeing up Europe?

AltFi Global Summit 2017 - Tuesday 7 November 2017

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