Stuart Law

Assetz Capital

CEO and co-founder

Stuart Law is the CEO and co-founder of Assetz Capital, the largest secured business and property peer-to-peer lender in the UK and Europe and also incorporating one of the largest private investor customer bases in the UK. He founded the company in 2012 as a solution to the failing banking system with the aim of offering enhanced and diversified returns for savvy investors, whilst also providing businesses and property developers with the loans no longer available through banks. Stuart is a tech-savvy serial entrepreneur and a highly experienced businessman having founded, led and sold several businesses over the last 30 years.

Event Sessions Featuring Stuart Law


Retail Vs Institutional Vs Banks: What Is The Future Of Marketplace Lending?

AltFi Festival of Finance 2020 - Tuesday 10 November 2020



The next phase for the SME funding revolution: Taking on mid‐market lending

London Summit 2018 - Monday 26 March 2018

  • Will technology-enabled platform lending move into the mid market space? Thabe said to lend to the mid-market he believes every loan needs “a pair of real eyes” along side automation of certain aspects of underwriting.
  • Law adds that “it is hard work in the middle”. He said online lenders will do well in the sub-200k level where as banks will dominate £10m plus.
  • Kindert, head of alternative credit at NNIP, said there is some oversupply in some areas of the non-bank lending space but that in others “there are still opportunities.”
  • Spotcap’s Turfboer meanwhile said that going into multiple jurisdictions is not  easy for mid market lending and added that banks and fintechs may both find it difficult to make this space profitable.



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