Stuart Lunn

Lending Crowd

Founder & CEO

Stuart Lunn is founder and CEO of LendingCrowd, the Edinburgh-based fintech lender that launched in late 2014. Stuart previously worked in investment banking as an equity analyst covering the tech sector. This included analysing and advising a wide variety of technology-related companies and leading both primary and secondary fundraisings for small/mid-cap clients. He is also experienced in advising private companies as both founder shareholder and angel investor. At LendingCrowd, Stuart has focused on building a robust, long-term approach, which has provided a strong underpinning for growth. As of December 2018, LendingCrowd has now facilitated more than £47 million of loans across the UK and broke through £3m of lending in a month during May 2018.  

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Debate: Alternative Lending Investing for Wealth Managers: A Natural Fit or a Risky Nascent Market?

Income Opportunities in Alternative Credit - Edinburgh - Tuesday 6 June 2017

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