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Vincent Turner is the founder and CEO of uno, Australia’s first digital mortgage service that helps people broker a better home loan. Prior to creating uno, Vincent spent more than 15 years developing and running fintech companies focused on leveraging software in the real estate and financial services industries. At age 17, he founded a software outfit which created the first map-based real estate site in Australia.   In 2000, Vincent founded software provider Pisces Communication, where he designed and patented messaging technology, raised venture capital, and attracted Westpac, American Express and National Australia Bank as clients.  Two years later, Vincent shifted his focus at Pisces to an enterprise mortgage platform which was subsequently adopted by 90 per cent of the banks in Australia, processing close to $50 billion a year in applications. He helped author mortgage industry standards and created the first direct-to-consumer mortgage application via investment bank Macquarie. In 2011, Vincent moved to San Francisco’s Silicon Valley where he set up Planwise, a consumer-facing fintech company designed to help people make better financial decisions about property investment.  Along the way, he realised that wherever he went, customers’ interests were not front and centre in financial services, and that brokers and banks would apply their own filters to the rich information that his technology and people made available.  After returning to Sydney from Silicon Valley, Vincent set out to create a consumer-facing, digitally-led product that would reshape how Australians get a home a loan. Vincent is passionate about changing the way people find, fund and live in their homes, by harnessing the digital economy and the latest technological innovations. Under Vincent’s leadership, uno is giving people equal access to tools and information that brokers use to ultimately get a better financial outcome for themselves. At the same time, uno is equally committed to providing advice and support with no hidden agenda – its team of experts are not paid sales commissions, rather, they are incentivised on customer satisfaction

Event Sessions Featuring Vincent Turner


Digital Mortgage Lending - Tech Enabling the Mortgage Process

AltFi Australasia Summit 2018 - Monday 16 April 2018

  • Ciolek said regulators have been concerned about automation and digitising. 42 days is the average application process and its getting longer.

  • Baum noted that his company uses 22 different technologies and put them together to achieve our end to end process.

  • Hatherley noted how new technology in homechain and regchain was helping redesign end to end home loans using blockchain. “Its for organisations trying to future proof. No-one wanted to do it first so we did it.”

  • Turner said consumers will act in their own self-interest if you give them the information. We’re trying to get rid of the information advantages that banks and brokers have had.